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  Range Rules

Key reasons why we need range officers on our shooting ranges:

  It is a CPFO requirement that has a direct effect on our Club being approved for the
     issuance of ATT's
  Necessary for safety considerations
  Necessary for maintaining proper order and discipline on the firing line
  Concerns with liability issues for the Club.

  1. All members must wear / display their club membership card prominently so that the duty range officer may inspect it, or see it; there are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. All members and guests must be recorded in, and sign the attendance book. This is a CPFO requirement as well.
  3. We are a Bullseye shooting club and rules and commands followed should be common to this shooting discipline.
  4. The range office in charge is the authority, and is responsible only to the club's executive. All his commands must be obeyed. Any issue that cannot be resolved sensibly by the range officers should be referred to the executive for a resolution. All range officers are responsible to the club's executive. They take their directions directly from them. They are to be totally supported by the executive in the carrying out of their duties as range officers.
  5. Only the shooters and range officers in charge are allowed in the shooting area (observers by permission only).
  6. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when on the range.
  7. Since shooting at the Latvian Club is outdoors, shooters must have their eye & ear protection handy when they exit their vehicle in the parking lot. Members are not allowed to wander off the range grounds - that is private property.
  8. For safety, there should be a minimum of two shooters in the shooting area at all times.
  9. All shooters will load their magazines or revolvers with a maximum of five rounds. Two strings of five will be shot at each target. Any deviation from the above rule will be at the sole discretion of the range officer.
  10. At the Latvian Club Range, it is up to the individual shooter to affix his/her target to the boards at the distance required, when he/she is ready to shoot. Duty range officers will be responsible for telling the shooting line that the range is safe, or active (hot). Ceasefires are to be called by the range officers for the purposes of retrieving brass, going down range for any reason, fixing equipment, etc. The range officer must make sure that all guns are safe and that the shooters are back of the line before allowing anyone forward. For safety reasons, anyone may call a ceasefire.
  11. The range is approved for all Pistol Calibres and .22 rifle ammo only. Lead or Jacketed ammo may be used.
  12. All firearms are to be inspected by the duty range officer before being put away.
  13. Individuals should charge their mags just prior to their starting to shoot as opposed to them being left loaded, attended or unattended on the bench.
  14. No range officer duty is assigned for long weekends. It is up to the individual range officer if he wants to come in on that day or not. Members should not shoot when there is no range officer present. They will not have access to our cabinet, targets, and the sign-in book.
  15. A full member may bring the same guest to shoot a maximum of 3 times. After that, the guest would be expected to join the club, take the safety course, and obtain their PAL. Guests are to shoot from the same shooting position as the member, are to be directly supervised and controlled by the member, and should be under the overview of the duty range officer.
  16. The ten commandments of safe gun handling must be observed at all times.
  17. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden at the range. Any member or guest under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the range immediately.
  18. If the conduct of any member is unsportsmanlike and detrimental to the safety of others, said member will be suspended immediately.
  19. Because there are no facilities close to the Latvian Club Range, Ro’s and shooters will need to insure that they carry such things as food, water, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. for their own use. It will be the Range Officers decision to close the range in the event of bad weather.
  20. Please Note: At the Latvian Club Range, there is a No Smoking sign posted which pertains to the covered shooting area. Non-smoking by-laws include smoking outdoors under a covered area.

July 2016


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